Loves Books, Makes Libraries, Nurtures Readers

They say a reader is a traveller, they say books are whole new worlds. At TEL we give intrepid travellers customised maps to ever-changing worlds.

Since ancient times, in India and all over the world, thinkers, writers, religious figures collected their knowledge encoded it on various kinds of medium, so that people could learn what they had understood about our complex universe. Borrowing books from libraries is a relatively recent phenomenon. By the start of the 19th century, libraries were not only encouraged by great philanthropists and even governments, they were appreciated as an important essential service for the people.

Although we live in an age, where faster, more visual, more mobile technologies aid our quest for knowledge, reading a book is a primal skill. One that engages the imagination in a powerful way. One that pushes you headlong into a space where none but you can have the experience you are having.

Libraries are dwindling, but this can be corrected. We need libraries. All of us. Those who have too much time, those who have no time, those who need to escape every now and then to another world, and those who are burning with questions about this world, this existence, these lives.

We can set up libraries for you, wherever you are. If you like, we can make an eternal library at your home, your residential area, your workplace, your school, anywhere we can set up shelves and engage the minds of people.