About Us

Ahalya Naidu and Meethil Momaya

The Eternal Library (TEL) is founded by Ahalya and Meethil Momaya. We’re avid readers, and we are absolutely certain we got married only after our own bookshelves merged. It seemed inevitable somehow once David Attenborough and Terry Pratchett sat together side by side, and when Alexander McCall Smith and Ansel Adams exchanged bookshelves, we decided to tie the knot too.

We are passionate about books, reading, bookstores, libraries, publishing, writing, and generally try to be very devout bibliophiles.

How did we end up loving books and reading so much? As with every other deep passion, it’s a love affair that began when we were yay high. The parents and grandparents, avid readers themselves, nudged us pretty firmly towards a reading habit. Our teachers seemed to recognise the fledgling bookworms in us, and gave us plenty to munch on.
Add to the mix a benign librarian, friends who still turn up with books and bookstore vouchers on birthdays, and our own long-winded relationship with the written word and we can’t exactly say when books became more important to us than a night out, a movie, the latest in bling, or lycra hotpants. Once we lost ourselves in books, life was never the same again. We spend meal times reading books, analysing reading trends, decoding writing styles, and being extremely judgmental about movies based on books.

Yes, we love being readers. But we love even more knowing that we can share our reading experiences and let everyone know about the authors we find and new good bookstores (which we ruefully find are getting fewer by the day), and run libraries so books find their readers.

Ahalya also helps authors by editing manuscripts and setting them on the road to becoming books, you can know more about her at http://www.literaryangels.com. Meethil is also a professional wildlife photographer, you can know more about him at http://www.meethil.com