Live more lives

At The Eternal Library, we believe a reading habit can thrive where ever books are made to feel at home and are visited regularly by readers who love spending time with them. From setting up the reading space, to studying the readers’ needs, and sourcing the best books at the best prices, we offer a set of services that give birth to libraries, help new-born libraries grow and nurture flourishing ones.


Have a library in your Home.  

The books that belonged to our parents and grandparents, and those vividly coloured books we scratched and doodled on – we’ve had books touch our lives in so many ways. And like all good habits, reading begins at home. Whether you want books for your kids, large-print editions for your grandparents, books in regional languages, books about architecture to inspire your home business, books about yoga, health, food, and of course, the best in fiction to fill your mind with adventures.

Your home library could be as small as you want it or as big as you dream of it to be. We can help you set up a home library by helping you design the space in your home, sourcing books from the genres you like reading, add new releases, and replenish your bookshelves with fresh reads.

If you are one of the lucky ones who has inherited a library which is now aging out of control you can call us to the rescue. We can catalogue your books, and once you have taken stock of the inventory you can decide how you want to revive your library. We can help add to your valuable collection.


Send the library to Work

Today, professional success is all about knowledge innovation, and you are only as strong as your team so why not fuel your work and your colleaagues’ dreams with some food for thought. The healthier their brain is, the better they can perform.

Think about it. When you set up your office, you hired the best people. Ensure they have an edge over their competitors by giving them access to the best thinkers, economists, analysts, and designers who lead the industry. And remember, not everything is available on the internet. What’s available for free can be accessed by anyone, even your competition.

Dip into the books written by and about corporate leaders, read their analysis, their forecasts, and learn from their mistakes and triumphs.


Bring the library on a vacation

Good hotels are like good banks. They help you multiply your wealth (of experiences), promote a distinct culture, and last forever. Just like libraries. Hotels can accommodate libraries in the easiest and the most natural form the most natural home

Hotel and libraries, both have similar goals, both strive to ensure they provide the best possible experience. So why not host a library and further add to your guests experiences. Hotels and libraries, both are gateways to a new experience. They are stepping stones into a new world, i place where people come with expectations of a new and pleasant experience. Having entered an alien world they want to feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed.

When your guests are in search of new experiences let your library be their guide.

Your guests could be the enthusiastic explorer eager to understand new cultures or the busy business bee who is crisscrossing the country racing against his own watch. The Eternal Library can help you stock up books that your guests will enjoy while they relax within the comforts of your care.

The choice of books can add character to your property just like upholstery does to your dining area. You can host books in your property in a variety of ways depending on your location, size, the demography of your guests, and their needs. You may setup a fully functional library which allows your guests to take books to their room or set up a reading area where they can read tombs they don’t want to carry away. You can encourage an interaction with books by setting up a set up shelves in the lobby or the restaurant or you may indulge your loyal guests by setting up a customised bookshelf in their suites.

Help your guests discover an author, explore an idea, or gain an insight and they will have all the more reason to remember their experience with you.

Treat it with a library

Have you noticed that people are most receptive when they are unwell and being treated. They will do whatever it takes to get well faster. But no matter how motivated they are, they need some extra push. Something to keep them going, something to take their minds off the pain and discomfort. More importantly, they should not remember this time as time wasted in illness, but as that time when they discovered something new – be it a place, an experience, an idea or an author.

More over, since hospitals in India have an equal number of visitors and patients. Instead of them talking on their mobiles or watching TV and disturbing Mr./Ms. Recovering, we suggest they find themselves a book from the hospital library that will keep them quiet and occupied without disturbing those around them.

The Pediatric ward can have books for children that the parents can read out and the VIPs can recover with their own personalised bookshelf in their Super Deluxe Suites.


Living around a library

We grew up around libraries. And then we grew out of them. As a result most of the libraries around us were raised to the ground. Some were converted into snack bars, others into video libraries, still others into mobile shops and the bigger spaces just got rented out to the highest bidder – just like you know what.

So after all this while, after overcoming the fad of eating out, watching back-to-back movies, changing mobiles every six months, and shopping till we puked we realised we were still missing something. Something money couldn’t buy. Something non-tangible. Something that was not common knowledge like the current movie in theatres or the latest fashion which everyone fought to flaunted first. We wanted something that was unique to each one of us. Something like the experience of reading a book.

Setting up a library in your housing society makes it easier, more economical, and more social for you to nurture a reading culture.

Read anywhere under the sun

We can set up a library or a reading space of any size, any shape, any where you want, it can be updated at any frequency with any number of books and we can work this all out for any budget you set. We just need to know what you like reading. Call us to discuss your requirement.