Welcome to Trilogy.

More than a year ago, The Eternal Library began sifting through worlds of books to find those select few titles that readers were looking for.

The act of curating a collection of books is a humbling task, for while we read, hunted, procured and catalogued books for one library, new books kept jostling for attention. We also discovered books and authors who should have reached out to more readers, and we found readers who had not read in a while and were hungry for that one book that would set them off reading again.

So, we decided to take a huge plunge. For the reader, the writer, and the book. Trilogy is our dream come true. It is a library, a bookstore, and a literary event space in the heart of our city Mumbai. We invite fellow booklovers to make this your idea of Paradise. Ours is a curated library, and we focus on collections for entrepreneurs, leaders, history and science buffs, children, and travellers. We have plenty of thrillers, whodunits, romances and classics to keep you reading through the year. We are especially proud of our collection of illustrated books. We’re organising book clubs, writer workshops, editor masterclasses, bookmaking workshops, readings, and we promise to keep it warm and friendly. Send us an email so we can add you to our bookworm network, and look us up on Facebook and Twitter for our updates.

If you’d like to be an early bird and register for our library membership, here’s what you need to know

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